Welcome to Hands for H.O.P.E.

Hands for H.O.P.E.- Helping Others Perpetuate Education

Have you ever thought…How can one person make a difference in the world?

A small group of people asked themselves this question and then set out on a quest to make life better for some friends they met in Ghana, Africa. There are many orphans living in this small village. The village does not have orphanages and therefore families take the children in as their own and provide for them. Many times they are not allowed to go to school because they do not have the funds or the proper uniforms. This is where we thought we could help. Hands for H.O.P.E. seeks out these orphans through the schools and provides the necessary items for them. The children want to go to school and we are providing them with this opportunity.

We have been involved in this community for 7 years. We have our first high school graduate who has now gone on to complete her second year at the technology college and wishes to pursue a higher degree in the capitol city of Accra. What a success!!

It is now time to help  more than select children. How can we impact the whole community?  We are raising funds to build an IT school where basic computer skills will be taught and the villagers will be able to get entry level jobs with the skills they will learn.  It is a huge undertaking, but one that I believe will have an enormous impact on many, many people as the world of computers enters their lives. Please think about donating and helping to improve the lives of a community.


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