June Misson Trip

June 2011

I traveled to Ghana to spend time learning how the people really live, work and play. Most of the time I am there to work only. It was an exciting summer even through the rainy season. The hope was that the children I have been helping in Pram Pram would be able to get in a house this summer. The rainy season had all but demolished their sad home they were living in and it was unsafe for them to be staying there. Mission accomplished. They were able to move into this home mere steps from the other place they were living and are now living much better in a home where they can have running water as well as shelter at night. We will be able to pay the rent for this building as soon as all of the details are complete with the owner.

I was also able to be a tourist this year and was able to visit a very exciting monkey sanctuary as well as hike to a beautiful waterfall.

                  Walking home from school in Pram Pram                         Adi and I at WiLi Falls
Feeding the monkeys bananas

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