Fundraising Update

It has been a successful summer of garage sales. We held the sale in June and surpassed our goal by 100%. We then held our annual family garage sale in August and were able to sell some more of the donations people had given as well as the Ghanaian handicrafts from Adi.
The American dollar has gone up in Ghana so now our dollar is worth 3 Ghana Cedis. That is good for us but bad for the economy of Ghana.
Adi and his crew are working on making the pillars to hold the ceiling/floor of the second floor. I couldn’t understand why it was taking so long other than they are on Ghanaian time, but then he told me there are 27 pillars!! All have to be built from wood first and then be reinforced with rebar and poured with cement. It is another large undertaking that I had no idea about. Even though it seems like it is taking forever, we are still on schedule. It is so time consuming to have to make all the bricks and pillars by hand. We have the same men coming to work on the building, however, they are volunteers and can only come when they are not working their “real” jobs. I am learning patience.
I have scheduled the 6th Annual Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction for November 1 at the Hope Center in Roy, Utah. If you are interested in donating baskets for the silent auction, let me know. I would like to get a jump start.
I am planning to take a trip to Ghana sometime this year and will be able to bring back some more handicrafts to sell. They are beautiful and make unique gifts.
Thank you to all of you who donated the the garage sales: The Material Girls, Cindy, Ralynne, Cheri,Kathy, Linda R., Pat, and Mom. Thanks also for your help at the sales: Jenny, Ralynne, Mom and Cheri. I couldn’t have done it without you. I really appreciate your support!! Thanks for helping me live my dream.


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