A long overdue update on the state of affairs in Ada, Ghana

DSCN5941 Adi sews on the “digital” machine I was able to bring him this year. Below the children get measured for their new school uniforms.DSCN5945 DSCN5950 DSCN6014 Adi stands in the door opening of the school.  Below you can see how big the building is as I stand out front!DSCN6019                  Below is Frances at school in Ada.  He has really done a great job!!

DSCN6088 DSCN6170 We had my “last supper” at a restaurant near the airport in Accra.  This is me, Adi, his niece Irene and my wonderful driver Jack.RSCN6095 This cute baby is Adi’s neighbor.RSCN6105It’s been too long since I last posted.  I was able to travel to Ghana in October 2014 and see how all things are coming along.  The children in Pram Pram were doing well.  Francis is now attending high school in Ada. It was great to see him. He will be graduating soon and heading to college or the tech school to become a computer programmer.

The spaghetti dinner was a hit even though there was some weather that night and the electricity went out all over town. It did not go out at the Hope Center and we had a great time eating spaghetti and renewing old friendships and making new.

The school is coming along nicely.  People keep asking when it will be completed. Well… it takes money and so we continue to fundraise and build, then fundraise some more and build.  It all depends on the money we raise. We plan to have another garage sale this summer and then we will have the annual Spaghetti Dinner in the Fall. I continue to receive items from Adi to sale.  I will have a Mother’s Day sale in the next month with some great items for your mothers: Baskets, aprons, wallets, jewelry, wooden items, etc…

I would love to have other fundraisers, however, I haven’t the time to create something.  If any of you would like to hold a fundraiser, let me know.  I would love for you to help out and I will be willing to help in anything needed.  I think having a 5K, yogathon, zumbathon, or something would really bring in some much needed funds.


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