Building Update

The school building is coming along. These are the most recent pictures I have from March 2015.  People ask why it is taking so long.  Well… we can only build as we earn money.  I am working on fundraisers all of the time and hope to get the second floor on soon.  I have received several packages from Adi and have been selling his handicrafts.  Thank you to all of my teacher and school friends who helped by buying the beautiful items. I will be having a garage sale in June and then the annual Spaghetti Dinner in October/November.  It is a long time coming, but will be nice to have and not have any debt when it is completed. It is quite a large building.  They are working on the pillars for the front porch. It is interesting to see that they are filling up the pillars with bowls of cement!

Enjoy the pictures…. carrying cement filling up the pillar front porchfront getting it done huge building project 3-15


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