New Construction Pictures!!

I received a package from Adi with the disk from the camera with new pictures of the project.  It is coming along. I know it seems like it is taking forever.  We are going on the third year of construction.  It is all dependent upon me raising money with your generous donations and when he can get help and take time off from his business to build.  It is finally an actual building and I am getting excited to go in December and see it in person.

We will be having our 8th Annual Spaghetti Dinner at the Hope Center in Roy on November 12 from 6-8 PM.  As usual, the dinner will be provided by the Olive Garden in Riverdale and Roy City is allowing us to use the building for no cost.  The ENTIRE dinner is profit.  I am looking for donations now and getting ready to put together the baskets for the silent auction. If you want to donate, please give me a call.



The front looking on from the roadside.


Standing atop the building you can see how big it really is!!



The building is fully enclosed!! Of course, there are no windows or doors yet.


The front porch is looking good. Can’t wait until I can have a place I can call my own to lounge and relax.


All of the cement has to be carried by hand from the truck to the site. Wow! They have much stronger necks than I do. Ho carrying on the head for me!


They are adding the cement to the roof top/second floor. They work early in the morning so it is not too hot.


Whoo Hoo!! It is enclosed.


We will use all of the bamboo that was saved from the construction to build a fence.



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