The Hands for H.O.P.E. public charity was created to help people in Ada, Ghana, Africa further their education and become self sufficient. An  ongoing project is help for orphaned children in the village. We pay for their school tuition and fees, uniforms, books, etc… anything needed to further their education. Bicycles were also purchased for 21 of the children so they could have reliable transportation to school.

We completed several projects with another group before becoming Hands for H.O.P.E. Several years ago we transported 100 boxes of books to Ghana and built a small library in the village of Gorm. We have helped Empower Playgrounds raise funds to build a swing set that produces electricity and under the name of  Hands for H.O.P.E. we have upgraded a home for 7 orphaned children and their foster family so they have a better standard of living and have provided overall support for the villagers and orphaned children…giving them hope for a better tomorrow.

Fundraisers are held throughout the year to provided needed monies for the projects we are undertaking. 100% of the money received from these fundraisers goes toward the betterment of the communities in and around Ada, Ghana, Africa. Small amounts of the donated funds are used for transportation to several of the villages while in Ghana but other than that the funds are directly put to use for the people.

Each year in October an annual Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser and silent auction is held to provided much needed funds. It is a great night of good food and creative items to be bought and given for gifts or just for yourself.


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