Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction

It’s that time again for the annual spaghetti dinner and silent auction. We will be holding it on October 13 from 6-8 PM at the Hope Center in Roy. Roy City has generously donated the space for the dinner. This year we have the catering completely donated by the Olive Garden in Riverdale.  What a great donation!! We will be having their famous bread sticks, salad and spaghetti with sauce.

If you would like to help, please let me know. We need donations for the silent auction as well as baked goods for the dessert bake sale.

We always have a great turn out and this is one of our largest fundraisers we do all year. Come have a great dinner as well as look for some fun baskets to give as gifts or keep for yourself. Check out the slide show below for some of the donations and fun from last year’s dinner.

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This summer’s golf tournament

Jen and Kennedy check in the golfers.

This summer we held a great golf tournament at Wolf Creek Golf Course in Eden. It was a sweltering hot day in the city but beautiful in the mountains!! The turn out wasn’t as large as I hoped it would be but we earned money and everyone won some great prizes as well as had a fun time. We plan to do it again in June next year so hope the word will get out and everyone will bring  two more friends!!Thank you for the donations— Click here to see the wonderful and generous sponsors.

Thanks to some great volunteers.
Ralynne, Carol and Cathy!

Happy to be golfing!!

Linda takes a shot.

Shad and Robbie take it to the limit in the golf cart!

Cheri and Karla are on to the next hole.

Our thanks to Sean and KyLee. We could not have done it with out you!

Construction has begun!

Construction work video

I received these pictures of the construction site.  Wow! They are humbling. They dug the foundation by hand. The pastor came to the site to bless the land. They have made the bricks one by one with the concrete they make in a wheelbarrow as well as bowls. At one point the car was stuck in the mud so they carried the bags of cement to the site on their heads. None of these workers is paid cash for their time and work. They are doing it because they are excited to have the computer school in their community. We do, however, feed them a nice dinner at the end of the day. I asked that they make sure they get plenty of water breaks throught the day as well.

The Golf Tournament has been set!!

We have set the date for the golf tournament. It will be held on Monday, June 25, 2012 at the scenic Wolf Creek Golf Course.  It will be a shotgun start beginning at 9:00 AM. We have planned to have a lot of fun games and prizes at the course.

The tournament format is a four person scramble and will be limited to the first 120 players. The fee is $100.00 per player and will include: Green fees and golf cart, t-shirt, continental breakfast and lunch, as well as great specialty hold awards.

We need sponsors. You can help out in the following ways:

Eagle Sponsors – $500

Sponsor breakfast or individual holes.

Sponsorship includes:

  • Greens fees for one foursome
  • Signage at sponsored hole
  • Business name included in all tournament day material.

Birdie Sponsors – $300

Sponsor publicity, printing or team prizes.

Sponsorship includes:

  • Greens fees for two golfers
  • Signage at sponsored hole
  • Business name included in all tournament day material.

Par Sponsors – $200

Sponsor team prizes or gift bags.

Sponsorship includes:

  • Greens fees for one golfers
  • Signage at sponsored hole
  • Business name included in all tournament day material.

** All hole sponsors are welcome to station a company representative at their respective holes for further company promotion.


More Fundraising

Well, it’s that time again… still….. We still need to do more fundraising. We are about half way to having all of the money for phase I of the building project. This is by far the largest project we have taken on and I am really praying for its success.

I have been promised that the photo card is in the mail and we will be having pictures of the project soon.

We are planning a golf tournament for this summer. I have some actual golfers helping with it this year. KyLee and Sean have obliged to help out. We are planning for June 22, place is undecided but hope to hear back from Wolf Creek, Valley View or some place similar.  Please let me know if you want to help. We will need to get sponsors and want to have some awesome prizes.


The cookie dough fundraiser was a success. We were able to surpass our goal of $1,000 by earning $1295! This will help pay for more loads of sand needed for the foundation of the building. I am looking forward to receiving pictures soon of what has been accomplished. The foundation has been poured and the pillars started. Once the pillars are finished, the building will sit to settle before building the walls. During this time, there will be no rest for the weary. The workers will continue making the blocks. Remember all of the bricks to build this building are made by hand!! Can’t wait to get the pictures and share them.

We’re selling cookie dough!!

We are in the throes of our Winter findrasing campaign. If you are interested in buying or selling cookie dough, let me know. We will be selling until February 14!   fundraiserflyer           This is a picture of the land. I took it when I was there                     this summer. I will have more to post of the progress as time goes on. The pile of sand is for building the blocks.

Here’s our building plan!!

This is so exciting. We now have the plans for our ITC. It is a large project but I know with the help of our families, friends and community it can be done. We need funds. We are only short $1,000 to complete the first phase of the building. We have ordered the sand, concrete, rocks, etc… needed to build the cinder blocks. It will be delivered shortly and the block work will begin. Help us to make our dream into a reality. We need donations and the rest will follow!! Click on the pictures to enlarge the view.

Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction

The Spaghetti Dinner and Auction was a huge success!! We filled the room twice over and raised much needed funds for the ICT we are going to begin working on this month. We exceeded the goal of $2000 and were able to raise close to $3,000.

I have just spoken to my contact in Ada and the crew in Ghana is getting ready to begin making the cinder blocks needed. They are making them all by hand as it will save us a lot of money over buying them already made. We also will not have to pay the workers as we are going to be able to provide them with transportation and a nice evening meal for their help and support.

I believe if the community will help with the school they will take more ownership in it and support it rather than just have us come in and take charge. This is very exciting and I should be receiving pictures to post soon to keep everyone updated on the progress.

Thanks so much for all of your help and support. We will begin another round of fundraising soon so keep in touch!! This is getting exciting…


June Misson Trip

June 2011

I traveled to Ghana to spend time learning how the people really live, work and play. Most of the time I am there to work only. It was an exciting summer even through the rainy season. The hope was that the children I have been helping in Pram Pram would be able to get in a house this summer. The rainy season had all but demolished their sad home they were living in and it was unsafe for them to be staying there. Mission accomplished. They were able to move into this home mere steps from the other place they were living and are now living much better in a home where they can have running water as well as shelter at night. We will be able to pay the rent for this building as soon as all of the details are complete with the owner.

I was also able to be a tourist this year and was able to visit a very exciting monkey sanctuary as well as hike to a beautiful waterfall.

                  Walking home from school in Pram Pram                         Adi and I at WiLi Falls
Feeding the monkeys bananas

Fair Trade Sale

This weekend I was involved in a wonderful Fair Trade Sale at the Congregational Church of Christ. It was centered around items brought from Africa. We even had a drum circle playing their djembe drums on the lawn outside the church.

Thanks to Carolyn for the invitation, I was able to sell enough African artifacts to completely pay off the land we are buying to build the computer training school. Hooray!! We can now start putting in place what we need to get for the beginning of the building. This is so exciting. Adi was very excited when I told him the profit we made from the sale. We are on our way to helping the community with learning better job skills. Soon we will have a ICT!!

Welcome to Hands for H.O.P.E.

Hands for H.O.P.E.- Helping Others Perpetuate Education

Have you ever thought…How can one person make a difference in the world?

A small group of people asked themselves this question and then set out on a quest to make life better for some friends they met in Ghana, Africa. There are many orphans living in this small village. The village does not have orphanages and therefore families take the children in as their own and provide for them. Many times they are not allowed to go to school because they do not have the funds or the proper uniforms. This is where we thought we could help. Hands for H.O.P.E. seeks out these orphans through the schools and provides the necessary items for them. The children want to go to school and we are providing them with this opportunity.

We have been involved in this community for 7 years. We have our first high school graduate who has now gone on to complete her second year at the technology college and wishes to pursue a higher degree in the capitol city of Accra. What a success!!

It is now time to help  more than select children. How can we impact the whole community?  We are raising funds to build an IT school where basic computer skills will be taught and the villagers will be able to get entry level jobs with the skills they will learn.  It is a huge undertaking, but one that I believe will have an enormous impact on many, many people as the world of computers enters their lives. Please think about donating and helping to improve the lives of a community.